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God Help My Hair

With the thoughts of wedding dresses dancing in my head, I’ve started trying to look at the bigger picture… how do I want to LOOK on my wedding day?

Most photographers will tell you that you should go for a natural look; you want to capture you as you.  Since Brad and I are trying to make the event as personal as possible, I decided that this philosophy is a perfect approach so instead of glam makeup, I’ll probably opt for a more natural, dewy look.

My hair on the other hand… is a complete disaster.

My hair is shoulder length right now.  It’s thick and spends most of it time pulled back in a ponytail or knot.  It’s stubborn and I’m growing it out specifically for the wedding next year because I want to have different options of what to do with it.  Fortunately, it usually does what it’s told by a seasoned professional but for someone like me that doesn’t readily speak Hair (I just got my first curling iron back in January), I figured I’d better start planning now.

My first step was to start trying to figure out how to make it stop breaking and falling out!  Whenever I blow dry it or use an iron on it, I’m sure to use a thermal protection product too.  I read earlier this week that wearing your hair in a ponytail is a major no no so I opted to spend the weekend with my hair in a clip.  Lo and Behold, it worked.  Here’s that article from Alphamom.

So with ponytails being out for a while and my hair not being long enough for me to wear it in a clip to work, I need to find a low-maintenance and cute hairstyle to keep up with me during the week.

Hitting up my wedding planner and best friend, Google, I came up with a cunning plan to start wearing beach waves.

Frankly, beach waves are a cinch.  Here’s the how-to I used:

How To Get Beach Waves Hair.


  1. Wash your hair
  2. Towel Dry
  3. While damp, use a volumizing product (in my case Sauve’s volumizing mousse max hold 8), a sleek and shine (I HIGHLY recommend Garnier Fructis’ Moroccan Sleek and Shine oil treatment because it smells simply wonderful) and finally a definition product (like Garniet Fructis Style Pure Clean Finish Paste. It’s good for 24hours and its not sticky on your hands).
  4. Allow your hair to air dry but while still damp part your hair into 4 sections and plait your sections into braids.  If you want tighter, messier waves use more braids (6-8) and pin them up.  If you want loser, straighter waves, use fewer braids or even just 1 french braid down the back of your head.
  5. Sleep on your braids and allow to dry fully overnight.
  6. Wake up, remove the braids from your hair and tousle with your fingers.  Add hair spray or homemade Sea Salt Spray for more definition and you’re on your way!

This low maintenance ‘do is totally my speed.  The greatest thing about the products too is that they’re all humidity resistant so even in this thick, Pittsburgh weather my hair should hold just fine until I decide to start wearing it straight again.

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